I Hate the Customer Service Business


Hey loves,

Today, I just wanted to make a quick post about how much I hate my new customer service job. Enjoy!

As I’ve mentioned before, I recently started working in a restaurant as a hostess. My job there is to arrange the seating floor, seat guests, answer the phones, and do takeout. Currently, I’ve mastered seating the guests. Right now, I’m learning how to answer the phones/make reservations and cash out takeout orders. I still can’t take an order or actually baggage the takeout, and I still can’t fully arrange people in the diner. However, now they want me to start closing when I haven’t even been there long enough to do so, but that’s a different story.

Anyways, I completely hate this job. Which is funny because I’m a communication major. I love my co-workers. They’re all so kind and helpful. I just absolutely hate the customers; they’re the biggest jerks ever. You have people who hang up on you, customers who complain about every thing, customers who clog the toilet, and pretty much anything else you can think of. The other day, I had a customer who stole a nickel from me. Yesterday, I had one table who immediately upon arriving at the table, said, “I need to talk to the manager, I have a complaint about this table!” She kept looking around at the booths, clearly observing that they were all full. She kept insisting that she wanted a booth, even after she was clearly observing that they were all full. Luckily, the server noticed that I was having problems and he took over. In order to get them shut up, he moved them to another table. And, you will never imagine where they ended up moving to? A table exactly like the one where they were originally sat in. Yay! So smart! I’m usually a very shy but polite person, but I came back to the host stand cursing and one my co-workers was so shocked. lol. I have limits, people.

Yup, I hate customer service 🙂

End of rant.




I love memes that describe how I feel 🙂


7 thoughts on “I Hate the Customer Service Business

        1. Omg now that I’ve worked in customer service, I always feel compelled to be nice to other people when I go out lol. Maybe that’s just me but I feel that I understand their struggle and I don’t want to be “that” customer lol.

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          1. It seems to replicate real life. Understanding tends to come with experience. It’s a rare person who can understand without experience. I think once a person has had enough experience in other areas though, that ability to empathize develops to encompass all situations, regardless of experience. What do you think?

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            1. I completely agree! Before I didn’t care and I wouldn’t tip people but now that I’ve worked in customer service, it’s different. Omg yesterday I made a mistake and the customer kept telling my manager that he told me this and I didn’t do it. Like I i it’s walked away.


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