Five Things To Do Oring Spring Break


Hey loves,

Today, I want to talk about some of the things that you can do over your spring break week. Enjoy!

So, it’s that exciting time of the year again: SPRING BREAK! The time when students can finally take a week off and just relax from the chaos we call education. Spring break is always such a relief to us when it finally comes. We can finally sleep in and not have to worry about missing class. We don’t have to worry about traffic or lunch money. This week, we can finally relax and just do whatever we want. About time, right?

Even though spring break is supposed to be the one week off school when we can have the most amount of fun, I find that most students don’t actually do this. We say we’re going to do all this fun stuff and have a great time, but we often fall short of these expectations. Most of us say all the things we wish we could do, and pretty soon it’s the Thursday before we have to come back and we’ve done absolutely nothing.

I’m not going to lie, I am that student. Spring break starts next week for me, and I’m already thinking about what I’m going to do. However, this year, I thought that I’m actually going to do something. I’m not going to make a ridiculous list of events that I know for sure I won’t do. I want to make a REALISTIC list of possible things I can do. My goal is to do at least one of these things.

So, here are six ideas on how to spend your spring break:

  1. Go to the movies. Check out which movies are currently being played at your local theater and pick one to watch. You can even try picking a genre that you typically don’t watch. That may be a chick flick, sci-fi, action, romance, the options are endless.
  2. Get some food. Try a new restaurant that you’ve never been to before. You can treat yourself to something fancy downtown or just try your local diner. Trying new food is always exciting and it can be very rewarding. You can find that you totally love Indian food or Mexican food.
  3. Binge watch Netflix. This one is pretty obvious. As a college student, I find that I never have enough time to watch Netflix anymore. I’m that person that won’t start a show if she knows she’s not going to finish. I just can’t. This entire week is the perfect time to catch up on that show you love or start (and even finish) a new one.
  4. Homework. Why is this on the list? Probably, what you are thinking right now, but it’s an important note. You can never get too ahead of homework. Homework has this way of just always being able to catch up to you during the worst times. Let’s just do our homework or get a good head start for when you come back because we all know that everything is due the week after spring break.
  5. Go to the mall. It feels like I haven’t gone to the mall in ages. That’s probably because I haven’t, but this is a great time to do so. Head out one morning and stop by your favorite stores and enjoy yourself. Try buying yourself something nice that you’ve wanted for a long time. We work all the time, what’s the point of working so much if we can’t spoil ourselves from time to time?
  6. Work. Yeah, I know it’s not fun but hey, it gives us money and money is always good. Pick up some extra shifts this week and your bank account won’t regret it.

I hope you can all try at least one of these things during your spring break just to say that you actually did something this year. No matter what you decide to do, have fun. You don’t get a week off all the time so make sure you do whatever you want to do!



The average college student’s spring break list 



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