Five Lessons I’ve Learned From Working in Customer Service

1487564454842Hey loves,

Today, I wanted to talk about some important lessons I’ve learned since I started working (customer service, in particular). Enjoy!

I’ve been working at a restaurant for about six weeks now. It’s my very first job and I am a hostess. Basically, I arrange the floor plan, seat people, answer phones and handle takeout. On top of my side work, of course. For the short time I’ve been here, I can say that this is a very stressful job and you constantly have to be running around. The job is definitely a little physically demanding and tiring. The stress comes along when you have to arrange the floor plan and deal with the customers. This is a very tricky thing to do.

I’ve written about this issue before. I’ve written about how hard customer service jobs really are and all the stress that comes along with it. Today is a great example of how much this stress can actually get to you. I had a mini breakdown at work because of the stress of dealing with rude and picky customers. I got myself together in a minute, but for a second the tears rolled down and I had to step in the back. From the short time I’ve been working here, I can definitely say that customer service jobs and restaurant jobs are not for everyone. It takes a lot of emotional labor to not start crying in front of certain customers, and if you do, come back out and act polite like nothing happened. It’s more difficult than what you would assume to be.

So, here are five important lessons I’ve learned from working in customer service:

  1. Don’t let the customers get to you. Customers are going to be rude to you and even yell at you, but you have to learn not to take it seriously. Unfortunately, customers think they can treat you like dirt because ‘it’s your job.’ You just have to learn that they are jerks and that you will never see them again.
  2. If you need a moment, take a moment. Sometimes customers will get to you or the stress will get you, and you need to take a break. You take your 5 minutes. Go to the back or the bathroom and just take a moment. Remember: it’s incredibly hard to act like nothing happened when you arrive with the next customer. Take a moment.
  3. You’re human, you make mistakes. We all mistakes. This can happen to anyone, and it does happen to everyone. You are bound to mess up at least once in your career time. You just have to shake it off and move on.
  4. Don’t come in with a bad attitude. You have to remember that if you’re in a bad mood, then the customer will sense it and they will give you crap about it. You have to pump yourself up with positive vibes no matter how hard it is.
  5. If you need help, ask. Sometimes the stress from work, school, home, and the customers is too much for you to handle, in this cases, it’s okay to ask for help. If you’re struggling then don’t be afraid to let your co-worker handle a situation. In most cases, they will be glad to help since they know the stress you are all under.

I hope this helped all you customer service workers out there. The most important thing to remember is that: This job is only temporary. You will not be stuck there forever. 

On a side note: Happy St. Patrick’s Day!



Hopefully, these funny memes can make me forget about today.



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