Tip Your Server

28799424-Enthousiaste-sexy-restaurant-fille-gar-on-avec-le-plateau-et-le-vin-portrait-de-verre-isol-sur-fond--Banque-d'imagesHey loves,

Today, I wanted to talk about an important issue for everyone who’s ever worked or dined at a restaurant before: Tipping your server. Enjoy!

I’ve  been working at a restaurant for a few months now, and the issue of tips is one that never seems to go away. I never really used to give this issue much thought at all. Then again, I don’t go out to eat too often at all. I grew up in a family that would usually not tip or give a $5 tip every time we did go out to eat. I never used to think anything more about. I dined, they collected the trays and we give them a small tip. No big deal. However, now that I work in the restaurant business, my thoughts have completely changed.

One thing that seems to amaze me is just how I ignorant some people are to the issue of tipping. When people find out I work in the restaurant business, I usually get different reactions.

“Oh, you must make some good tips.”

“You must deal with some bad parties”

“How do you deal with rude people?”

Everything from the idea that we must make great money to we must make crappy money comes to mind when I talk about my job with others. It’s interesting how they are two completely opposite thoughts. Even more interesting is the people behind the comment.

Working in this industry has taught me quite a lot. It’s taught me that money does not come in cheap. This is a brutal, physically demanding business. You must be able to be very quick on your feet, multi-task, have great communication skills, and be able to work independently. If you can’t think and move fast and be able to work long hours, you won’t make it here. It’s a difficult job both mentally and physically. This is something people don’t understand or don’t care. I know I didn’t. However, because I now see the struggle of this life, I always make sure all my friends are aware of this and leave a generous tip. The importance of leaving a good tip is one that I advocate for and feel strongly about.

I’ve noticed that a lot of people that the people that do tip believe that servers make an incredible amount of money and the hard work is rewarded. The people that don’t tip believe that people are rude and don’t care about the server. The other day, I heard “I’d look for another job or tell the company but I’m not giving you a penny.”

People’s ignorance is truly a bliss. I think I speak for everyone when I say that leaving one’s job is not a light issue. What are you going to do? Be unemployed meanwhile the bills pop up? That can’t happen. Talk to the company? I think it’s safe to say that companies won’t change. Although worker’s rights are more prevalent in our society now, there are a lot of issues still. There are a lot of things that we are still fighting to achieve. As a matter of fact, most restaurants only pay their servers less than $5 because they are supposed to make the rest in tips.

By not tipping your server, you are actively engaging in anti workers rights. You are dehumanizing the person. Your server is providing you with a service just like an operation, haircut, and a taxi ride. They are doing something for you and therefore, you must pay. If you don’t want to tip, then you can serve yourself.

Honestly, tip your server. You don’t know how hard they work and they deserve to get paid just like you. They do the job that no one wants to do and they are humans and have the equal right to equal pay.

Thank you.


As a side note: most people do tip and on good nights, servers can take home some great cash!


If you can’t afford to tip then you can’t afford to eat 



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