How to Manage School and Work for College Students

636033462824097118-458711684_Balance-between-work-and-schoolHey loves,

Today, I wanted to talk about a serious issue affecting most college students: the struggle between school and work. Enjoy!

Being a full-time college student and having a job is not easy, trust me. It’s hard having to manage your class schedule with your work schedule and then having to deal with homework and other chores. If you’re like me, you’re always busy and don’t get much free time to do other things outside of school and work. Being a college student is rough. Luckily for me, I’ve been able to manage quite well so far. I’ve been able to regularly go to class and work, maintain good grades, and still have some free time for myself. It’s not been easy but I’ve figured out a schedule that works for me. Today, I just wanted to share with you guys some of my advice so you can be able to do the same.

My biggest advice for my college students out there is to perfect your time management skills. You have to be able to pick a work and school schedule that do not conflict with one another. You must be able to set a homework schedule that works for you. Most importantly, you must give yourself enough time to complete your tasks without major setbacks. I always try to keep on schedule. I have a planner where I plan my work, school, and homework schedule to make sure I am not behind.

Another important thing to keep in mind is to set your priorities. Yes, I would love to go out and hang out with my friends on a Friday night but if I know I have a lot of homework, I have to skip the invitation. Remember that school and homework, work, and responsibilities come first. There’s some weeks where your schedule is packed and others where it’s more open. Try to plan for ‘fun’ on open weeks. You know that you have responsibilities and those always come first. Setting priorities don’t just get your through college but it teaches you how to be an adult for the future.

The last thing that has helped me manage school and work has been to give myself a break. It’s important to relieve stress on days you can. If this means you have to take a day off a class then, go for it. Missing one day won’t kill you especially if you are going to relax. Sometimes I just need one day to relax and just let myself de-stress. It helps you stay sane and keep going to the next round.

Hopefully, you’ve found some of these tips helpful. In the end, rememember what you’re doing this for: Your degree so you won’t end up struggling like you are now!





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