Personal Update

Hey loves,

Today, I just wanted to make a quick life update. Enjoy!

I know that I’ve been absent in the last few weeks and I am dearly sorry for that. I’ve been very busy with school and work that I just have not had the time to write. It’s finals week and I have a couple papers that I still have to finish. I’ve also been looking for a second job and internships which have kept me occupied. I’m just all over the place right now, and I do apologize for that. As soon as I finish my last couple papers I’m definitely going to get back to my usual writing routine. I’m excited to see what this summer has planned for me and keep you updated!

Also, I wanted to ask if you guys had any suggestions or topics that you would like me to write about? I’m also curious to know what kind of content you all want to see and if there’s anything in particular that you would like me to cover. Please leave your comments and suggestions down below! Thank you.



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