Favorite Low-Calorie Starbucks Drinks


Hey loves,

Today, I wanted to share my favorite low-calorie drinks at Starbucks. Enjoy!

I love Starbucks! I love the environment, the drinks, the baristas, I love everything about Starbucks. I have quite an obsession with their drinks. I am literally addicted to coffee and caffeine, in general. Every morning I must have my cup of coffee just to function and Starbucks is my go-to. I’ve tried other coffee shops but nothing quite compares to Starbucks. It’s amazing!

The only problem with Starbucks is that unfortunately, you must make some serious diet sacrifices depending on what you order (Oh, and the price, of course, but I’d rather not talk about how much I spend there). Don’t get me wrong, I love my white chocolate mochas but they are very high-calorie drinks. Some drinks can be up to 600 calories. YIKES!

Fortunately, there are plenty of options for those who are trying to keep it light. And they are still delicious! Here are my favorite low-calorie Starbucks drinks:

  • Black coffee with a sugar-free syrup. It took me a long time to enjoy the taste of black coffee. It’s definitely┬ástrong and quite sour when you first try it. Eventually, I learned to love the taste especially when you just need the caffeine and not the added sugar and calories. However, if you’re like me and must have them then always try a sugar-free syrup, sugar-free sweetener, and even a dash of skim milk. If you are ordering iced coffee, make sure you say no sweetener.
  • Black tea. Another great drink if I just want the caffeine and none of the extra calories. I usually get this hot but if it’s summer, I get the iced version. If I do get this iced, I always make sure to say no sweetener. I usually just add a sugar-free sweetener like Sweet N Low.
    Americano with a sugar-free syrup. Another classic. It’s basically just espresso and water without the added milk like in lattes. It has a pretty strong taste so I always try to sweeten it.
  • Passion tango tea. If I’m craving something sweeter, this is my go-to drink. It’s herbal tea so there’s no caffeine in it. Once again, if you’re getting this drink iced make sure you say no sweeter. When I’m feeling brave, I get with lemonade. It’s amazing during the summer.
  • Nonfat, sugar-free cafe┬ámisto. This is one of my favorite drinks if I’m craving something with milk. It’s a great alternative to the skinny vanilla latte. It’s basically just half coffee and half skim milk, so a lot fewer calories. If you get it with a sugar-free syrup or add a sugar-free sweetener, it tastes just like a skinny vanilla latte.
  • Skinny vanilla latte. I can’t forget the classic. My favorite Starbucks drink. Don’t let the ‘skinny’ fool you, though. There are 120 calories in a grande so you might want to watch out for this one.

There you have it. These are my favorite low-calorie drinks at Starbucks. What are your favorite Starbucks drinks? Let me know in the comment section!




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