Weight Loss Tips

fitness_survey_400_300Hey loves,

Today, I wanted to share my favorite tips for losing weight. Enjoy!

One of the most common questions that I will get are any tips or advice for losing weight. I’ve been on countless diets and tried multiple weight loss solutions. Through my journey, I’ve found things that have worked for me and other things that were not so helpful.  Today, I thought I would share the things that were the most helpful for me and hopefully they can help you too.

  • water-Don’t drink your calories. Drinks like soda, coffee, and juice can be very high in calories. Some of these drinks can be as many calories as a meal. Make sure that all your drinks are zero calories. Drinks like water, tea, black coffee, and diet soda should make up the majority of your beverages. As a side note: make sure you drink tons of water!!!
  • vegetables-fruit-mixed-heart.jpgFruits and vegetables are your best friends. Fruits and veggies have tons of nutrients that your body needs. They are low in calorie and are fat-free. They should make up the basis of your diet. Just make sure to watch out for things like avocados and bananas because they are higher calorie.
  • VGKids Sticker TemplateEliminate or limit your meat intake. Meat is high in calories and in fat, I would strongly advise everyone to try to completely eliminate red meat. If not, reduce your intake significantly. If you are going to eat meat, try eating chicken or turkey breast instead. Your best bet, however, is sticking to eating mainly fish as your meat. I find this makes a huge difference in weight loss.
  • 87c5c0e2b0aeb08547e4931259de168c.jpgLean protein is essential. Make sure that you are getting lean protein in your diet. Foods such as egg whites, nonfat yogurt and cottage cheese, white fish, and beans are all great sources of lean protein. Lean protein keeps you full and is essential for the body.
  • 2NK7_HWatch out for carbs. Yes, carbs are important but you should be getting most of your carbs from fruits and veggies. Starchy foods can be high in calorie and can make you crave more. I find that when I avoid bread, pasta, rice, etc I eat fewer calories. They also don’t keep you feeling full. When I do eat carby foods, I try to only eat them for breakfast such as oatmeal or shredded wheat.
  • 4.jpgDetox. I was debating whether or not to add this, but I find ridding the body of toxins is important. Detoxing helps you lose weight fast. However, make sure you remember that it’s not permanent weight loss and it’s not actual fat. You’re losing temporary water weight. I love drinking detox tea and other cleansing drinks when I feel that my body needs to be flushed out.

These are all the tips I have for you today. Out of everything I’ve tried, these are the things that have made a difference in my weight loss journey. Hope you all found this helpful! Also, comment down below if you’ve used these tips before or have any other tips that have worked for you.




2 thoughts on “Weight Loss Tips

  1. Hey. Reading blogs like yours are just one of the reasons that I’ve decided to start blogging about my weight loss as well. I’m be grateful if you could take a look at my blog and provide some feedback (it’s new so there’s only the one post about me so far). TS 😊

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    1. Hey Thomas,

      I’m so glad that my blog encouraged you to create your own blog. I’m sure you’ll love blogging as much as I do. It’s real fun and the people you interact with are amazing.

      I took a look at your blog, and I think it looks great! It’s organized, neat, and well put together. I like how you added the pictures, visuals are always great.

      My tips would be just to post often. Maybe about 2-3 times a week. Also, make sure you interact with your followers! It’s important not only for your blog but it encourages you through your journey.

      You’re off to a great start. I’m excited to see how your weight loss journey goes. Good luck!

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