Dealing With Bad Co-Workers

d8a15c722e5536746d1976419334efe8Hey loves,

Today, I wanted to share my thoughts on how to deal with not-so-awesome co-workers. Enjoy!

Jobs are awesome! You get money from working and you gain experience for the future. They also give you something productive to do on weekends and summertime. Personally, I enjoy the activities I do for my job. It’s fun and I get to interact with the customers which are always (well, not always) a pleasure. On top of all that, I’m getting paid to do so. That makes it a little more motivating.

Unfortunately, sometimes you get stuck with some crappy co-workers. You have the lazy ones who never want to show up to work and don’t want to do anything at work. You have the complainers who always complain about every task they are given. You have the moody co-workers who always come in with a negative attitude and ruin your attitude. You have the bossy co-workers who know everything and like to tell you how to do your job. Then, you have the co-worker who simply does not like you for no apparent reason at all and gives you indirect problems. And finally, you have the annoying co-worker who can be anyone else. Someone who is always talking about irrelevant things or is simply annoying to be around.

I’ve experienced all of them at my job. Now, you’re probably going to encounter bad co-workers at any job go apply for. The solution isn’t always simply leaving and looking somewhere else, you must be able to deal with your co-workers. Sometimes in life, you are going to have to deal with people you simply do not like and you can’t always run away. So, here are some of the strategies I’ve learned about dealing with co-workers that I just didn’t like:

  • aef0c4ae52e8e13b76b422d6594b7b9a_-hate-co-worker-sayings-bad-coworker-meme_420-294Ignore them. This is especially relevant with co-workers who you find annoying or simply don’t like you. Just ignore them. Stop *trying* to be their friend and leave them alone. If they say something to you, let it go in one ear and leave through the other. Always be professional and talk to them if you need to, but that’s it. Your job ends there.
  • Become independent. This is the biggest lesson I’ve learned through not just working but at school as well. You must learn to do things without your co-workers. This especially true for lazy, complaining, or co-workers that don’t like you. You have to learn how to be able to do your job without them. Heck, if they don’t want to do it why do you even need them? I’d rather be by myself then with crappy co-workers.
  • Do your job. If you go to work and do your job, I find that people will stop wanting to affect you. Don’t engage in gossip or anything else your co-workers are engaging in. You don’t come to work to make friends, you come to work and get paid. So, do just that. Eventually, people will leave you alone and respect you for doing your job.
  • Think about your future. You’re not going to stay at this job forever, are you? No. So, don’t sweat it. You’re going to be working with these people for some time but in 5 years you won’t even remember them. So, who cares?
  • 0586ae9e861fb17bca0541e1631930f1If all else fails, then you may leave. But try to stick it out as much as possible. Don’t quit the first time someone yells at you or you mess up. Try to stick out as long as possible.

I’ve learned to go to work and do my job and just not let anyone get to me anymore. Once I’m clocked out, I’m off the clock and it’s time for a breath of fresh air. Remember that you are not a slave to your job. Hopefully, these tips helped you guys in dealing with crappy co-workers!



So encouraging! 




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