Entertainment Recommendations?

Hey loves,

Today, I wanted to turn to you guys for some advice. Thank you!

First off, I know my last post was dark and I wanted to apologize for that. I don’t usually feel like that, but that day was just not one of my better days. I feel a lot better now. Thank you all so much for all the positive comments that I received. You are literally the best 🙂

In this last post, I received a suggestion to check out this really awesome author and some of her work (thank you!). This got me thinking of the many other interesting things that the rest of my followers may be watching, listening, or reading. Today, I wanted to ask you for any fun books/audiobooks, movies, shows, podcasts, or music that you would recommend for me to check out?

I’m open to pretty much anything. The only show that I love watching, Malcolm in the Middle, if officially over. I already finished watching all 7 seasons the other. That was incredibly sad because now I’m stuck with nothing else to watch. The show that I’m currently watching right now is The Office and it’s pretty funny. I’ll probably be watching that for some time since it’s like 7 seasons long as well.

I’m completely ignorant to the entertainment business. I don’t go to the movies or listen to the latest album, so all your suggestions are valued. Please leave any and all suggestions down below. Thank you all for your help 🙂




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