Wonder Woman Was Amazing

Hey loves,

Today, I have a review of the incredible Wonder Woman film I recently watched. Enjoy!

In my last post, I talked about trying new things and offered the floor to suggestions. I received wonderful recommendations, so I decided to try something new yesterday: I watched a superhero movie. Let me just say that this was the best movie I’ve been in a long time!

I’ve never been a superhero/comic book person. The only superhero movie I watched happened to be Iron Man back when they played it at my middle school. This was almost a decade ago (yes, I’m old). I remember I really enjoyed the film but never came back to watch the sequels or any other superhero movie until recently that is.

Last week during my day off work, I decided to rent some movies on iTunes to distract myself, and one of the movies that I came across with was The Dark Knight. This was the first time I’ve ever seen this film however, I’ve read that it was one of the best superhero movies of all time, and my God it was. The movie kept me on the edge of my seat just the entire time just waiting to see what evil plan the Joker had in mind next. I have to say, the movie doesn’t feel like what a typical superhero movie would (not the way I imagined, at least). The movie is suspenseful and gives off a crime thriller vibe. Great movie! I decided to give Captain America: Civil War a watch on Netflix and it was good as well (not as good as The Dark Knight, though). So, yesterday when I felt sick and needing some cheering up, I knew exactly what I wanted to do: watch Wonder Woman.

At first, I wasn’t expecting anything major from this film and it did feel more of the ‘superhero type’ I was imagining as opposed to The Dark Knight, but boy was I wrong. The movie was incredible. I was left in tears by the end of the movie of how amazing it was. Everything in the film is right: the casting suits the characters perfectly, the fight scenes are intense and exciting, the plot keeps you amused to see what’s going to happen next, and the graphics and animation are exceptional. The film is clearly well put together from every little possible detail. Director Patty Jenkins surely outdid herself for this film. The movie has everything a great movie has: some humor, some romance, some tear dropping scenes, and a whole lot of anticipation and action. It’s truly the perfect film!


Now, let’s talk about my favorite part and what truly makes this movie so phenomenal: Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman a.ka. Diana Prince. Diana is such a beautiful, brave, and strong character. Her story is truly inspirational and what I loved the most about the film. Diana, The Princess of the Amazons embarks on a mission to save the world and mankind from the God of War (Ares) who she believes to be behind WWI. She leaves the safety of the Island of Themyscira to accompany American pilot and spy Steve Trevor and takes off to the war. Throughout her journey, Diana stays strong and true to her beliefs that humans are innately good and that it is her duty to save them. She’s incredibly courageous and nothing can stop Diana from achieving her goal, literally NOTHING. She does not let anyone or anything stand in her way. She continues to fight until the very end and she finally accomplishes her mission. She’s highly trained and skilled in combat (thanks to her aunt, General Antiope) and can deflect bullets. Basically, she’s one kick ass chick who is insanely beautiful, optimistic, and courageous. Wow! What a woman that Diana is. Step aside Taylor Swift, I think I found my new role model.


I truly loved her character and felt deeply inspired by her story. I’m very happy that such a strong female superhero movie was made and that I was a part of that entire experience. Wonder Woman is a must-see for everyone. I’m sure that her story and courage and bravery will inspire anyone who watches the film and will stick with you forever. Overall, I give this film a whopping 5 stars as it truly is perfection!




7 thoughts on “Wonder Woman Was Amazing

  1. Hey Liz, loved your post absolutely. Though even I do not consider myself being a superhero person but after reading your post now I cannot resist myself from watching this film. Thanks for your amazing review!

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    1. Trust me, I’ve never been a superhero movie fanatic either. I’ve never seen a superhero movie in theaters and I’ve only watched those 4 films but this movie is truly incredible. Originally, I thought it was going to be some ‘boring’ geeky movie with some odd backstory but it was so much more. Wonder Woman was nothing like I expected it to be. Definitely on my favorite movies of my all time list. I say you should give the movie a try!

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