To The Bone Wasn’t That Great​

ToTheBonePosterHello loves,

Today, I wanted to share my thoughts on the new To The Bone movie that came out today on Netflix. Enjoy!

First off, I know that I haven’t written in a while and I want to apologize for that. I’ve been stressed out a bit and honestly haven’t been in the mood to write anything. However, it’s such a relief to be back after what seems an eternity. Thank you all for being so patient!

I’ve been excited and anxiously waiting for the release of the To The Bone film since I knew what it was. Today that it finally came to Netflix, I can’t even begin to describe how excited I was to watch it and review it for you guys. So here goes…

Let’s start off with a quick summary. Ellen or Eli is a 20-year-old girl who suffers from anorexia nervosa and has tried a few too many treatment centers without any success. She’s a pessimistic, sly, smart and dark young woman. She tries to fool her family and the doctors and does not have any expectations on a recovery. When she finally gets admitted into Dr. Beckham’s intense treatment, her family starts to see a sign of possible hope and Ellen’s perspective on life starts to change eventually.


Now, I must admit that I did NOT necessarily dislike the film. However, for all the hype I found it to be a disappointment.

In terms of the media’s portrayal of eating disorders, this movie falls into many of the same stereotypes of previous eating disorder films. A privileged white girl has family problems in her life that all lead to her having an eating disorder. At one point, she becomes incredibly sick and has a life-changing moment and miraculously decided that it’s time to recover. Pretty familiar and unrealistic narrative. Unlike Starving in Suburbia, however, this movie doesn’t seem to ‘glamorize’ eating disorders. The eating disorder is the problem. The movie does do a good job at illustrating the damaged background of people with eating disorders and how they screw up your life without glamorizing eating disorders. This, I liked. The movie did a good job of showing what an eating disorder really does to your life rather than the actual eating disorder (which would probably lead to glamorization).


The main thing I disliked about the film was that (to me anyway) it felt kind of boring. It all felt like a movie that I’ve watched before just with different actors. I’ve seen the same plot over and over and over that I found it quite uninteresting and boring. For viewers that haven’t really watched eating disorder movies, they probably will find it more entertaining. For someone like me, it was all too similar and boring. I wish they would give us something new. A new eating disorder story/plot would be amazing right now. I also disliked the constant eating disorder jokes and puns throughout the film. Personally, I found them to be annoying and unfunny.


The last thing I want to talk about was Lily Collin (Ellen/Eli). I found her to be incredibly triggering. I’ve never been triggered by a character in an eating disorder movie before (not even Hannah in Starving in Suburbia) but wow did Ellen trigger me. She’s so thin and so unlike other characters who suffer from an eating disorder. Lily Collin’s provided the best performance for Ellen. I rarely say this, but Ellen’s body is incredibly triggering for me. Everything from the clothes she wears to her personality and story is all very triggering. I would definitely put a MAJOR TRIGGERING WARNING on this movie.

Overall, I found the movie to be average. Not bad but not great. It has a very similar plot to just about every other film about eating disorders just with different characters and a more modernized time period. I did like the fact that the movie did show the negative effects that eating disorders can take on your life instead of glamorizing eating disorders. All in all, I would give this movie 3 stars because while it didn’t glamorize eating disorders it didn’t give us anything new. I would say to give this movie a shot and tell me what you think down below!




3 thoughts on “To The Bone Wasn’t That Great​

  1. interesting that you found Ellen triggering – but then they created Ellen as a pretty and cool character a semi celeb even with a bitchy, cynical attitude (very much in keeping with proana sites ethos) – they know exactly what they are doing – triggering – albeit in a covert way
    I think Ellen should’ve died then they could give out a warning against AN but no they let her go TTB then chose life and recovery – as if it is that easy ? how many would not come back from the brink like Ellen did ? how many at that point just die
    So overall TTB gave out a positive for AN – it’s an interesting dark journey that you can recover from
    in the film 13 reasons why they should’ve let the character LIVE – thereby give hope but they let her chose death by suicide – so no hope then?
    how many new AN cases will TTB inspire ?
    how many suicides have occurred due to 13RW ?
    that’s Hollywood for you – the only conclusion is they don’t care about young lives
    What annoyed me as always above all is the ant Christian snubs throughout

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    1. I agree that Hollywood does not seem to show accurate representations of what eating disorders or depression can do. I think that given her circumstances and health hazards, Ellen would have probably died in real life in that scene.

      I also completely understand what you mean about how Ellen should have died to show young audiences that eating disorders are really the most deadliest mental illnesses and are not ‘cool.’ And Hannah Baker should have loved to show that there is hope for people in her situation. I think that the majority of people working in the film industry have limited knowledge on these issues but attempt to make a hit like this.

      I think that Hollywood will probably make a show or a movie about these topics in a more realistic way because at the end of the day they are a business. They need to make ‘entertainment.’ If Ellen had died then the audience would never have that feel good moment at the end. The wouldn’t have relief after everything they saw her go through. And in Hannah’s case, well they wouldn’t have an entire show since it all revolves around her suicide. I get that Hollywood is the entertainment business but I just wish that they would give us something new for once. I wish the people had a chance to be the directors for once so they can show the realities of these issues.

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