My Favorite ED Movies

Hey loves,

Today, I wanted to share my favorite movies about eating disorders. Enjoy!

Last week, I reviewed Netflix’s To The Bone movie about a young woman that suffers from anorexia. In my review, I mention some of the things I liked about the film (how it doesn’t glamorize eating disorders) and I also shared what I didn’t like about the film (the unrealistic ‘sudden’ recovery). After re-reading my own post and the comments, I decided to write about other ED movies that I’ve watched and let you know which ones I liked.

Now, I haven’t watched every ED movie out there but I have watched quite a lot of them to make this list. Also, I am NOT including TV show characters such as Cassie from Skins (sorry but that’s for another time).

A Secret Between Friends

film12b-04Sypnosis: This movie features the new life of a teenage girl, Lexi, after her parent’s divorce. She is forced to move to a new city and a new high school where she meets the popular and pretty Jen. Lexi finds out that Jen is bulimic and the two start starving and losing weight together.

Why I love it: This has to be my favorite ED movie because of Lexi and Jen’s friendship. They keep their secret hidden from the world and their friendship strong throughout the movie. This was also the first eating disorder movie I ever watched so the story and ending have stayed with me ever since.



Sharing The Secret


Sypnosis: The movie features a young girl, Beth, who appears to be perfect. She has perfect grades, the perfect body, and the perfect personality. However, her life starts to crumble down after her mother discovers that she secretly suffers from bulimia.

Why I love it: One word: BETH! I absolutely loved her character. I think she shows a much more accurate representation of eating disorders. She has so much pressure to be the perfect child which I think we can all relate to. There is also no stereotypical ‘magical’ recovery either. The movie shows how her bulimia ruins her life. Plus, who can forget the mental breakdown she has? One of my favorite movie scenes of all time.

The Best Little Girl in the World


Sypnosis: This movie shows the mental and physical deterioration of teenage girl, Cassey, as she struggles with anorexia. The plot centers around her family and psychologist trying to get her help in an eating disorder rehabilitation program.

Why I love it: This movie is basically the gold standard for many other eating disorder films. It’s one of the earliest films on eating disorders. It’s impossible not to connect with Cassey as she balances her anorexia, an ed program, and her family all at once.


What are your favorite movies about eating disorders? Let me know down below.



4 thoughts on “My Favorite ED Movies

  1. I haven’t seen many films about EDs I would like to see Starving in Suburbia as I have heard it treats AN as an invasive demon.
    I have read a few books on AN though and most of them are insisting in a very persuasive manner that AN is an inherent part of the person as opposed to an outside entity that got in. The best book I have read about AN is Slim to None by Jenny Hendricks, it is harrowing but true account of how AN affected and killed Jenny Hendricks through the diaries (real diaries not fake) she wrote, supported by the excellent writing of her father who is an established author – it is not trying to tell you what AN is, rather it is about how it affected Jenny – like I said it is harrowing and sad but I couldn’t put it down and I cried my eyes out for Jenny.

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