Fifty Shades of Grey Review

Fifty-Shades-of-Grey-Film-t_720x1080.jpgHey loves,

Today, I will be reviewing the book Fifty Shades of Grey. Enjoy!

I don’t particularly enjoy reading. The only times where I have actually read anything at all have been exclusively for educational purposes. I’ve never read a book outside of school. Recently, however, I decided (out of the blue) that I was going to read a book. I searched through iTunes through various books hoping to find one that caught my eye; this is when I stumbled on this one.

I remember watching the Fifty Shades of Grey movie and disliking it because of how boring and long it was, so I was apprehensive about reading the book. I first, received my free sample of the book (along with other free book samples) before I decided to buy it. Once I started reading this book, I realized that I could not put it down as it was a very fast read this is what motivated me to buy and read this one as opposed to the other ones.

Fifty Shades of Grey is a very easy read type of book despite being almost 1,000 pages long. Trust me, there are absolutely no complex words or thoughts in this book. It’s a pretty long book (for no reason) but since it’s easy to read it only took me about 5 days to finish the entire book. Definitely a good read for first-time book readers like myself. Now, on to the actual book…

This book is pretty bad. There is no real reason for this book as there is no real plot. It took me a long time to understand the ‘point’ of this book. I guess the point is to discover whether or not Anastasia will sign Christian’s BDSM contract (spoiler alert: she doesn’t). Other than that, there is nothing really going on here. It’s quite boring. This book is basically about Anastasia Steele trying to make up her mind on whether or not she wants to sign this contract. On one hand, she has fallen in love with Christian Grey (she falls in love with him on the second day they meet) and in the other, she doesn’t want to be punished and be his submissive.

The book is told from Anastasia’s point of view and all this girl thinks about is Christian Grey. There is not a single page in this book where Christian Grey is not mentioned (literally). It’s ridiculous how she technically is the main character in this book yet Christian Grey is really who this book is about. Without him, she wouldn’t have anything to think about which means we have no book/no story. She’s such a weak character which is a major problem in this book.

Anastasia is only in this book/movie to get fucked by Christian Grey. She has no other purpose in this book. The reason why she can’t make up her mind to signing the contract is that she wants to have sex (lots of it) with Christian Grey. Without her indecisiveness we have no story thus no we have no book or movie. If she says yes to the contract immediately then this would just be straight up pornography as it would talk about what happens after she signs. If she immediately decides not to sign the contract then we have no Christian Grey thus no story/no book. The book is reliant on the fact that she does not make a decision to tell the story and she can’t make the decision because she’s fallen in love with Christian and wants to have sex with him.

Now, let’s talk about Christian who truly is the main character here. He is horrible. He is abusive and a complete jerk. He is constantly stalking Anastasia. He shows up to places where she is at randomly. For example, early on in the book (they’re not even ‘dating’ at this point), he shows up to a bar she’s at with her friends. She drunk calls him and he tells her that he’s coming to get her and he does. He tracks her location from her phone and comes and gets her. In another scene, she leaves to completely different state hundreds of miles away from Christian to visit her mother. She particularly tells him that she needs some time to get away from him and clear her head. Later, the two are emailing each other and she’s at a bar with her mother and out of nowhere he asks her (via email) “How many cosmos are you going to drink?” Yep, he found her at this bar. He’s also very controlling of Ana (which I get if she had signed the contract, but she hasn’t at all). He doesn’t want her hanging out with her male friend, he has an issue with her going away to visit her own mother, etc. Oh, and not to mention the fact that he hits her without her consent. All this time, he treats her like his property and she has NOT signed the contract yet. In one scene, he spanks her and she starts crying. Very abusive behavior. Christian Grey is not romantic, he’s an abusive, stalking creep.

On top of all this, the book is very long when it does not need to be. It’s also poorly written. The dialogue between these characters is plain and boring. For example, Anastasia to Christian: “Are you hungry” Christian: “Oh yes. Very hungry. But not for food ;)” How original. The book seems to repeat the same words and phrases over and over and over and very again for almost 1,00o pages. Overall, the book is boring, too long, the dialogue is laughable (not erotic or romantic or even interesting), and the portrayal of women is horrible. Considering the fact that the movie is based on this junk, the book makes the movie look a lot better. I give this book a 1 out of 5 simply because it is very easy to read for beginners.

Have any of you read the book or watched the movie? Let me know down below!




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