My Favorite Superhero Movies

Hey loves,

Today, I will be talking about my favorite superhero movies. Enjoy!

I’ve never been a superhero movie fan in my life. I vaguely remember watching Iron Man back when it first came out simply because my middle school decided to play the film. I remember enjoying the film but I didn’t remember much about what happened. It wasn’t until this summer that I became interested in watching superhero movies after watching The Dark Knight.

It was a mere coincidence that I landed on this film as I was flipping through the channels on my television. I was about to go to work and since I had a few minutes to kill, I figured I’d watch some tv. While I clearly didn’t get to finish the entire film, I did watch enough to prompt me to rent the movie on iTunes. I LOVED this film. The movie was pretty amazing and it was nothing like the way I imagined superhero movies to be. Because I loved The Dark Knight, I watched Wonder Woman and had a binge watch cycle of old superhero movies (I had a LOT of catching to do). Now, I can say that I enjoy watching superhero movies. From the superhero movies that I’ve watched here are my  favorite ones that I would HIGHLY recommend:

Number 4: Guardians of the Galaxy

This is a fun movie. The humor in this film is incredible. It’s great to watch this film because although it’s a heart-racing plot whose villain has the power to destroy an entire planet (some pretty serious stuff) the humor makes the plot seem much more light-hearted. The humor also brings the characters to life (let’s face it a CGI raccoon, a hulky tree, and some aliens sound pretty ridiculous). While the film is definitely one big sci-fi, it doesn’t feel so nerdy. It’s enjoyable, light-hearted and fun. Even the soundtrack in this film is fun to listen to. Overall, a highly entertaining movie that everyone can watch.


Number 3: Captain America: The Winter Soldier

This movie made Captain American my favorite Avenger. Everything about this movie is great. The plot is full of surprising twists, the characters full of emotion, there’s some light-hearted humor, and the fight scenes of Captain American kicking ass are entertaining. The MCU has been criticized for making ‘setup’ movies that lead to a bigger film. The MCU has found it difficult to make good stand alone films, however, Captain American: The Winter Soldier is just that. It’s the perfect film that doesn’t set-up any other Avengers movie which is part of the reason why it was so enjoyable. I also loved the fact that I was able to connect with the Captain. The ending scene literally left me in tears. Any movie where I can easily relate, connect, and feel for the character is a winner in my books.


Number 2: Wonder Woman

Okay, you all know by now that I LOVED Wonder Woman. I literally loved everything about the movie. This movie is perfect in every sense. Let’s see we have a strong female lead character, a strong female lead character being a total badass and kicking lots of ass,  a cute yet not overriding romance story, some light-hearted humor, an interesting and entertaining plot with a suprising twist, and well-developed characters. This movie literally has everything. All the action scenes of Diana kicking ass left me in tears of how great they were. The ending also left me in tears as I never expected it. I loved how Diana’s character was both physically and emotionally strong, courageous, and brave all while still being charismatic, beautiful, and caring. This is the movie that saved the DCEU, a must watch for everyone.


Number 1: The Dark Knight

A superhero classic. It’s been deemed as the best superhero movie of all time. With good reason as it redefined the superhero genre. This movie is filled with an action-packed, heart-racing plot that leaves you on the edge of your seat just waiting to see what’s going to happen next. The story moves pretty fast and there are no ‘slow’ moments in this thriller. The movie doesn’t need some CGI monster or a portal in the sky. We get to watch Batman kicking ass without the need to make him a God or some super-soldier. Batman is just a total badass with a moral dilemma about becoming the bad guy. And the Joker is amazing in this film. No one ever really knew what evil thing he was going to do next, not even the bat which makes such an amusing character. Heath Ledger’s performance has to be the best Joker we have ever gotten. This has to be not just one of the best superhero movies of all time but one of the best movies of all time.



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