Responding to MPA criticism on Taylor Swift anorexic

Hey everyone,

I haven’t made a post in a few days so I just want to make an interesting post today. Today I wanted to respond to some of the criticism I received. This may sound a bit of a rant so, I do apologize.

Well, today I made a similar post about the Taylor Swift 73 Questions interview with Vogue magazine on MPA. To sum my post up, I just asked what people thought about the video? I said that it was interesting and that I found that Taylor had much of an ana way of thinking. She clearly said that she worries about calories a lot and works out hard. She was too preoccupied with calories to even name her favorite. To me, this shows some kind of disordered way of thinking about food. I don’t think she’s anorexic per say but she does have some sort of disordered eating problems.

Well, my post did not sit well with the MPA community. I had many comments. Some agreeing with my ideas and others not agreeing. This is completely fine, everyone is entitled to their own opinion. Thank God, I live in a free country. However, there were some serious issues and questions that I wanted to address. For the sake of privacy, I’m going to keep this general. Here are some of the points some people made:

  • Taylor worries about calories and working out because it’s her job. Her appearance is important to her profession. She’s not anorexic, though.
  • Everyone worries about what they eat and calories, not just Taylor.
  • She worries about what she eats and works out but is not anorexic.
  • She’s naturally skinny.
  • She has disordered eating, she’s not naturally that skinny.
  • You’re messed up.
  • What classifies someone as ‘anorexic’ versus trying hard to be skinny? – probably the most interesting of all.
  • Stop hating.

My response:

For those who argue that this is her job, how does that work? Just because it’s someone’s ‘job’ (I’m pretty sure her job is to write music btw) is to look one way that means they can’t have an eating disorder? Let me tell you: that’s a further reason to suspect they might have issues with food. Someone talked about ballerinas. Because ballerinas need to be skinny they can’t possibly have eating disorders? That’s obviously incorrect. As a matter of fact, I believe that 1 in 4 ballerinas have anorexia nervosa. In other words, about 25% of ballerinas have an eating disorder. So, I completely dismiss this point as a fact.

For those who argue that she worries about calories and works out just like everyone else, but not to the extreme. Well, people don’t worry about calories that much. If you talk to normal people ask them what their favorite food is. Take this challenge and see how many say, “well if I didn’t have to worry about calories…” People who are normal don’t worry about food that much, they have a healthy relationship with food. Also, how do you know Taylor doesn’t take it to the extreme? You don’t. Taylor doesn’t talk about food or diet ever. I don’t know either, that’s exactly why I asked what others thought.

Now, for the people that I’m fucked up and a hater, you’re right and wrong. If by messed up, you meant that I have mental problems, I’m not going to deny that. I do have serious issues. I’m completely obsessed with food. I’m obsessed with calories, what others eat, how and what I eat, what I can’t and can eat, etc. Yes, I am messed up. Now, to the people that said I am a hater, I can’t do anything but laugh. I love Taylor Swift! I’ve said this previously, I am seriously concerned about her. She has so much pressure from her career, her fans, and herself to be perfect. This is the perfect storm for an eating disorder. This is why I am concerned for Taylor.

For everyone who claimed that she’s naturally skinny, I don’t even know how to begin to address this. You just watched a video in which Taylor Swift herself, says that she worries a lot about calories and workout a lot. This means she is not naturally skinny. For so many years, Taylor Swift fans have claimed that she was not anorexic just naturally skinny. Now that Taylor has finally denied this, you guys can’t argue this. I feel like now, you have to change your answer from “Taylor doesn’t worry about food, she loves to bake and eat, and she’s naturally skinny” to ” well, shit, she’s a celebrity, she has to worry about what she eats.” It doesn’t work like that.

Last point, probably the most interesting thing on there. What line does one have to cross to be considered anorexic or just calorie conscious? Taylor Swift is underweight. Taylor Swift ‘tries’ to be underweight by worrying about calories and working out. She’s never pictured eating and she said that she worries too much about calories to even name her favorite food (just imagine actually eating it?) Isn’t this what we all do? We all worry a hell of a lot about calories, dieting, and staying skinny. It doesn’t come natural and food and calories are all we think about? How come I am ‘messed up’ and Taylor is normal? Aren’t we doing the same thing? Someone actually said that you can be super cautious about food and not have an eating disorder and that Taylor is just super conscious about food but does not have an eating disorder? Interesting. I thought this was the definition of an eating disorder.

What do I think?

I stand by my opinion. I don’t think she’s necessarily anorexic or has an eating disorder but she for sure is not naturally skinny and does have disordered eating and an unhealthy relationship with food. I see all the red flags with Taylor. I will not be surprised if she ever checks in into an eating disorder clinic. However, I highly doubt this will happen. She has too much of a clean and perfect public image to do this. I think the only reason why people don’t see this is because they love her. They can’t believe that their idol, miss perfect Taylor Swift, is hiding a secret and is not as perfect as they think. That being said, I’m almost positive Taylor Swift is just like us. I will continue to say that Tay Tay has #anapride!!!


Y’all mad?



6 thoughts on “Responding to MPA criticism on Taylor Swift anorexic

  1. Heck no I’m not mad with you, you just telling like it is! I love Taylor, but not soooo much that I can’t see that she isn’t 100% perfect! She has a problem (I don’t think anorexia, but she has disordered eating! It’s that simple) anyways let the haters hate hate hate!! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ haha I had too sorry lol

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thank you so much for al the support! I completely agree with you. I think people thought that I was a hater but I actually love Taylor Swift! She’s so amazing. That being said, she does have some serious eating issues not anorexia. That was just a good title lol. Thanks for understanding! And haha I love that! I guess I just have to shake it off ! Lmao πŸ˜‚


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