Daily Food Journal (plus my terrible day rant)

Hello everyone,

Here is my food entry for today:

Breakfast: oatmeal (100) w/ skim milk (60) coffee w/ creamer (20): 180

Lunch: salad (85)

Dinner: tofu (60) w/ veggies (25): 85

Snacks: Strawberries and grapes (50) non-fat yogurt (90): 140

Total: 490 calories

Pretty good day in terms of food, but terrible. I just needed to rant. My day was horrible.

My boyfriend was being annoying the entire day. Let’s just see the top things he did: listened to Taylor Swift……forced me to listen. Wrote the lyrics of her stupid song that’s not accurate at all during class. Obsessing over Taylor Swift. Yeah, the skinny, anorexic, tall, blue eyed, blonde with super short skirts and heels she can’t even walk in with that terrible posture she has (miss I wear t-shirts and sneakers). He also talked about watching porn. Seriously? I don’t want to hear about it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hated him so much today, I didn’t know to relieve my anger and frustration without making it obvious that I was upset. So, I did nothing just ignored him. On top of all this, my classmates made me look like I was stupid just because I didn’t hear the professor say something (too busy being annoyed and depressed) and later I went to the bathroom so no, I didn’t get her message. Not to mention, this chick was flirting with my boyfriend when I was right there. Today, I literally didn’t speak and was completely sad and no one noticed. If I died, it would take days for people to notice I was gone. No one would care.

End of rant!

Hmm…Is this a long skirt, Taylor??????????
What a lovely t-shirt, Taylor
It’s a good thing you don’t wear high heels, Taylor. We wouldn’t want you to trip.
Hey, maybe she’s not the captain? Right, Taylor?

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